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Premier NATA Coaching in Chennai

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

For young architects-to-be, the NATA exam represents an essential milestone on their journey towards a successful career in architecture. It evaluates their aptitude, creativity, and problem- solving abilities, while also acting as a ticket to some of the most prestigious architecture institutions in India. By giving the NATA exam their best shot, students open up a world of opportunities and set

themselves on the path to becoming the architects of tomorrow, shaping the spaces and environments of the future. So, if you're passionate about architecture, embrace the challenge of NATA and unlock the gateway to a fulfilling and rewarding career in this dynamic and transformative field.

What is NATA?

NATA, short for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture, is an entrance examination conducted in India for students seeking admission to undergraduate programs in architecture. Administered by the Council of Architecture (COA), NATA evaluates the aptitude and potential of candidates intending to pursue a career in architecture. It serves as a nationwide platform that tests the creative,

technical, and problem-solving abilities of aspiring architects.

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) exam offers numerous benefits for aspiring architects and plays a pivotal role in their academic and professional journey. Let's explore some of the key benefits of the NATA exam:

1. Admission to Renowned Architecture Colleges: Majority of government and private architectural colleges in India recognize NATA results. A high NATA score opens doors to esteemed institutions and universities, giving students the chance to acquire a top-notch education from eminent faculty members and cutting-edge facilities.

2. Evaluation of Aptitude and Skills: The NATA is made to evaluate a candidate's aptitude and natural talent for architecture. The test is divided into two parts: Part A assesses general, analytical, and mathematical aptitude, while Part B looks at drawing and sketching abilities done freehand. This thorough assessment aids in determining a student's potential for success in the area of architecture.

3. Versatility and Multidisciplinary Opportunities: Architects are not limited to designing buildings; they can explore various domains, such as urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, and sustainable architecture. NATA equips students with a versatile skill set that can be applied across these diverse disciplines.

4. Recognition of Talent: NATA offers a stage for creative people with a passion of architecture to display their skills. It fosters innovation and rewards it, assisting gifted students in gaining acceptance and career options in the architectural industry.

5. Industry-readiness: NATA prepares students to be industry-ready from the beginning of their architectural journey. By focusing on practical skills and problem-solving abilities, it equips students with the tools needed to excel in the field.

NATA Coaching in Chennai:

Over the past few years, the popularity of NATA coaching in Chennai has experienced an impressive upswing. As per industry reports, the number of coaching institutes offering specialized NATA preparation has increased by over 40% since 2018. This indicates the growing awareness among students about the significance of NATA scores for securing admissions to prestigious architecture

colleges. With the rise of coaching institutes, the overall success rate of NATA aspirants in Chennai has witnessed a substantial improvement. The percentage of students achieving commendable NATA scores has escalated by approximately 30% in the last three years. This notable impact showcases the effectiveness of NATA coaching in helping students better prepare for the exam and perform exceptionally well.

1. Exponential Growth in NATA Coaching Institutes - The growth of NATA coaching centres in Chennai has been exponential, with a substantial increase in the number of institutes catering to the needs of architecture aspirants. In the past few years, the percentage of NATA coaching centres in the city has surged by approximately 30%, reflecting the growing interest of students in pursuing a career in architecture.

2. Enhanced Study Material and Resources - NATA coaching institutes in Chennai have evolved to provide comprehensive study material and resources, tailored to the NATA exam pattern. These institutes offer a diverse range of study materials, including online mock tests, previous years' question papers, and reference books. Such resources enable students to prepare more effectively, understand the exam format, and gauge their preparation level.

3. Expert Guidance and Mentorship - The impact of NATA coaching in Chennai can be attributed to the expert guidance and mentorship provided by experienced faculty members. Reputed coaching centres employ qualified architects and industry professionals who impart valuable insights, share practical knowledge, and offer personalized attention to each student. This personalized approach has significantly contributed to students's confidence and success in the NATA exam.

4. Simulation of Real Exam Environment - NATA coaching institutes in Chennai often conduct mock tests and practice sessions, replicating the actual exam environment. These mock tests help students acclimatize to the time constraints and pressure of the exam day. Regular practice in a simulated setting improves student's speed, accuracy, and overall performance

in the NATA exam.

5. Customized Preparation Strategies - Each student has unique strengths and areas that need improvement. NATA coaching centres in Chennai recognize this individuality and create customized preparation strategies for their students. By focusing on the specific needs of each student, coaching institutes optimize their chances of success in the NATA exam.

6. Boosting Creativity and Visualization Skills - Architecture demands a high level of creativity and visualization ability. NATA coaching in Chennai emphasizes enhancing these skills through dedicated drawing sessions, design workshops, and artistic exercises. Students receive regular feedback to refine their creative expressions, setting them on the path to becoming innovative architects.

Why is KUBO Architecture Studio the best for NATA Coaching?

The Kubo Architecture Studio's NATA Coaching center has grown into one of the best NATA Coaching Institutes in the country. Thanks to our tried-and-true study techniques, exam-focused teaching strategies, online live coaching from esteemed faculty from the top colleges in the country, and frequent mock exams, Kubo Architecture Studio students have achieved great success in the NATA

Examinations, and this success is only anticipated to increase in the future.

What are the benefits of taking Kubo’s NATA Coaching?

Ø Online Live NATA Coaching Classes preparation by Professional Architects.

Ø 99% of our Selections are in India’s best Government Architecture Colleges.

Ø Get mentored by leading Architects and Academics from SPA’s, IIT’s and NIT’s.

Ø Small batch size of 20 students, helps students to ask questions without hesitation and learn more.

Ø Comprehensive Study Materials Curated by Faculties of SPA’s & IIT’s.

Ø Regular Mock Tests to prepare for the Exams and to get overcome fear.

Ø Two Year/ One Year Preparation Crash Course.

How will we at Kubo help you achieve your Goals?

Ø Personality Development

Through Personality development Training students are trained to become the best version of themselves.

Ø Recorded Videos

MISSED A CLASS, don’t worry because the students are provided with the recorded videos of the classes. It will help them to keep updated with their peers.

Ø Advanced Course Material

A systematic & fine-tuned course material is prepared. The Subject experts are employed with the most advanced teaching methods to train the students.

Ø Mentorship

The students were allowed to approach the faculty members for tips, valuable advice, and guidance to ace the test.

Ø No Language Barrier

Our courses are offered in both English and Hindi languages to facilitate the ease of learning for students from all walks of life.

Ø Current Affairs

Reliable, relevant, and regularly updated Current Affairs Materials are provided. To test the knowledge of the students, weekly practice questions for Prelims are based on Current Affairs.

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