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Why Us?

We are the pioneers in the field of Design. From the last 6+years, we have always excelled in giving India new designs and designers. Our alumni are present across the globe and are giving their best in the field of design. Our team members are associated with NUS Singapore, IITs and SPA's, giving surety to our students to excel always.


We have formed this KUBO Architecture not in the terms of coaching but as a mentorship to groom upcoming architect, so they can always shine and fullfill their dream career.

KUBO has established a flexible environment with an aim that students can discover the inner workings of their minds.

How we learn at KUBO...

Design exams revolves around measuring the applicant’s aptitude in the field of Design and Architecture and focuses on their drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability.

We at KUBO Architecture understand that each student has discrete potential thus we incorporate diverse and flexible teaching pattern in order to ensure best outcomes.

For example...

All the Architecture and Design exams covers aspects like Mathematics, Aptitude tests, Drawing test, Architectural awareness, Imagination and aesthetics. Our institute comprises of adapt faculties with utmost knowledge in the field of architecture.

KUBO Architecture Studio acts as student’s support system. Our institute promises you guaranteed success. We have the best team available in Industry, pioneers of design and architecture fields, who are not only teachers but professionals who are self made brands. 


In last 6+ years, we have given more than 1200+ architects with a success rate of 98%. With right approach, preparation and constant guidance from our reputed faculties, you can definitely lock your seat in the prestigious institutes like School of Planning and Architecture Delhi or AA London.

We mainly focus towards..


Importance of various National & International Entrance Examinations in the field of Architecture & Design


Strategic updation of knowledge and study curriculum, so you're always ahead


Learnings is not on;y for cracking these examinations but instead we aim for better ranks


Focus should not only on studies but to remove the fear of exams from students brain so they can increase the efficiency and productivity of study hours


Importance of understanding of 'What to study and what not'. Prioritizing the important sections.


Our faculties meticulously give feedback regarding each and every aspects. We all are always reachable instantaneously, so you can clear your doubts any moment. 

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