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Architecture Thesis Mentorship

Architecture thesis both Graduate/ Postgraduate is an integral part of the architectural degree curriculum. It is an architecture student’s crowning glory so adopting the right approach to your thesis becomes very important. It is the most important representation of your entire understanding of the field and all that you have learnt as a student. It is required that you bring out the best of your learning and try and make a difference through design and put forward your thoughts.

Students of Architecture are required to prepare a thesis in their final year of studies on a subject of their choice, under the guidance of a faculty or thesis committee of their school of architecture. The objective of the thesis program is for the student to ensure that he/she has acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to enter the world of profession, as an apprentice first and later as an independent practicing architect. While doing the thesis the student is expected to thoroughly examine, study, analyse, design and present in detail the project of his/her choice as a practically feasible solution in the context of the prevailing socio-economic scenario.

The architecture thesis was to be the culmination of the 5-year degree and was meant to highlight all the skills and knowledge we had acquired during the entire course. Almost everybody had a schedule according to which they hoped to complete their projects. As time went by our schedules got messed up and the work continued to pile up on each passing day. The search for meaningful case studies and resources seemed to take infinity. The long discussions with our guides and endless hours in the library and on the net weren’t much help. The actual time we spent on our design was far less than we had hoped for. You always look back and think the sleepless nights and hard work spent on the thesis could have been more meaningful if I had as much time to actually design than what I dedicated to compiling data and finding relevant case studies. 

It is here we step to help you do it the right way by providing you professional guidance with your thesis topic. For this purpose, we have a team of professional architects who are associated with some world best Architecture Studios and Architecture Institutes. This esteemed group with their expertise in different fields of architecture will guide you throughout your thesis from finding the perfect topic to it’s conclusion.

This mentorship  is recommended for ?

  • Architects & Future Architects who are in their pre-final/ final year of their Graduation or Post Graduation and curiously looking to creating a projects that stand out!

  • Who not only wants to design a building(s) but to solve existing or future issues in buildings

  • Who are eagers to refine their thesis to match with the world standards

  • Who want to develop their Architecture Ideas as a reality

  • Who are keen to find answers hidden in their designs

Why Us for Architecture Thesis Mentorship?

Our greatest strength is our faculty members. They are among the best brains of our industry, working globally and challenging the present architectural world every single day. We have faculty members who experts in every dimension of Architecture. Our mentoring methodologies is not at all focus towards the outcome but we are focused to understand the need and the required process to meet that needs. 


Our mentoring panel consists of Professional Architects, Professors and Ex. Government officials from the top Urban Design graduate programs in the world including Columbia University GSAPP, New York City; Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge; National University of Singapore, Singapore; School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi; Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UC, London and more working in internationally renowned offices across the world, from 3 different continents

Curated, Mentored & Designed by Professional Architects & Industry Experts Based Across the Globe

Mentoring by Specialized Professionals as per your thesis needs

Design your concepts and Architecture Thesis as per World Standards

Architecture is termed as a multi- faceted profession.

It is a blend of creative as well as technical solutions in order to achieve a built environment.

Lets, make your career with us!!
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