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NATA preparations in New Normal


In this article, we will firstly talk about NATA. This will cover topics such as what is NATA? why is it important to pass NATA, its benefits and what to do after giving the exam, and what are the after-graduation opportunities? We will move on to the topic of the blog ‘NATA preparations in the new normal’ after discussing these topics. We all know that the sudden pandemic outbreak had a huge impact on every sector of profession and the educational sector was no exception. However, some changes in teaching methods were eventually implemented as a result of this outbreak. Through this article, we will look at just how it impacted the examination phase and how we all coped with it.



Since 2006, NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is being conducted by COA (Council of architecture). The entrance exam is required for students who wish to become architects to seek admission into architecture colleges.


The NATA ensures that all Architectural Institutions follow the eligibility criteria prescribed by the Council of Architecture (CoA) and duly approved by the central government for admission to the five-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree course.


The NATA measures an applicant's aptitude for the study of a particular field, such as Architecture, through testing their cognitive skills, their visual perception abilities, their logical reasoning, and their critical thinking ability, among others, in addition to the learning they have acquired while studying.


Unlike the monotonous pattern of questions used for most tests, NATA tests the overall skill of the candidate. There is a scorecard system that helps you to apply to different colleges and is also valid for state-level counseling. The scorecard is a kind of all-encompassing card.


Once you are done with NATA, you apply for different colleges and then you get admission to one of the architecture colleges and graduate but now what you will do after graduation? So, there are many options to go ahead with, either you can go head with practicing at firms, or just like nata, there is an entrance exam held named GATE for post-graduation.

So honestly, talking about gate will be a very vast topic to cover so for now we will stick to NATA itself, but you must be thinking then why in the first place I introduced the heading 'what after graduation?' so the very reason for this was because eventually, we are talking about preparations for competitive exam and how these exams were affected because of the pandemic, so having you introduce to GATE will make you aware about it at an early stage, eventually leading to prepare for it from 1st year itself as from 3rd year you are eligible to appear for GATE and this is considered to be one of the toughest exams so it’s better to start early. For more details about gate preparations, you can check out the link provided:

This will help you to understand more about the GATE entrance exam. Now coming back to NATA, let's discuss the title of the blog.


Not to mention specific dates, the worldwide crisis, COVID-19, resulted in total lockdown causing a global pandemic that eventually changed the way people look at how life works. As the market declined exponentially in each sector, we eventually faced a national decline.

But the most affected sector was the educational department; the future of the nation was at stake; the global lockdown forced education to stop. Eventually at that time that was the best option for a problem like that, but it is said there are solutions hidden within the problem itself. And the solution was not new; it existed, but now it became the core. And this solution was nothing but going digital; we were growing as a digital country, but the education department was somewhere lacking with the new methods of teaching.

We saw many downs during this pandemic but we blossomed with dual speed, which was not been able to accomplish through the traditional approach, this pandemic made it possible, students from any corner of the world were able to receive an education. The distance barrier was no limit for gaining knowledge. That was the power of online learning.

Talking about going digital, eventually, the exams were either postponed or rescheduled, making it tough for students to proceed in life. Then some revolutionary steps were taken and one of the major changes was seen in the NATA exam. This change was not about going digital because they had previously displayed questions digitally; rather, the change was to adapt their exam pattern to the current situation. Following to adjust to the new normal, the exam was bent and changed according to a specific pattern. After so many years, the decision to remove drawing as a paper-based evolution was put into action. Instead, they proposed a whole new pattern. This was a good call, we can say, seeing the situation; but in this pressurized condition, this also created distress among the students.

They needed guidance from experts; they needed someone who would cheer them up to be prepared for all the new NATA, and here came the role of online education or online coaching possibilities. Before the pandemic, students who were living far from major city areas were not able to go to coaching for NATA. but now not only students residing in cities were able to attend classes, but also students living far from the coaching hub location were able to attend classes and prepare themselves for all the new NATA 2020.

Wasn't this one of the biggest achievements we gained through our coordination? Indeed, it was!

The fight with COVID is not over yet and we still have the online exam pattern, it's now the third wave and NATA 2022 is coming ahead, but now we can say we are ready for it. Now, whatever comes the education of a child will never be hampered. With this belief, I would like to come to the conclusion part of the blog where I will discuss some more benefits for online coaching and some other points that you should keep in mind for preparing for NATA 2022 from home.

Online coaching is here to stay and grow because:

1. It serves as the platform for self-paced learning

2. Connecting people through knowledge

3. No distance barrier

4. it's cost-effective

5. no time boundaries

6. the option of rewatching the recording and clearing the doubts that might arise after the regular classes is best and one of the important perks

7. anyone can attempt for mock test or practice papers or modules at any time

Now for preparing for NATA 2022 in new normal:

Now education has no limits so why stick to the conventional approach, sit at your dwelling and prepare at your comfort level, don't take the stress and get guidance from experts and practice more. Apart from this, take precautions and good care of your health, and use the digital platform to the fullest. For getting updates on NATA 2022, like registration dates, etc. subscribe to the Kubo architecture newsletter. For more info regarding NATA online classes, follow the link:

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