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Updated: May 11, 2021

The five-year course of architecture comes with the many alternative career

options.The biggest perk of pursuing an architecture course is that you are not restricted to particular choices.

The field of architecture opens up many gates. Architecture degree help us to be creative, practical, develop design skills and visual creation.

The mentioned careers are commonly seen as choices; there are so many other

practical fields where an architect can blossom.


Interior designers are all about shaping the indoor spaces with graceful


With relation to architecture, interior designing is the addition of making pleasant and beautiful spaces with keeping in mind the comfort of individual.Together architecture and interior designer comes up with more organized and detailed planning.

Architects, in general, have experiences and a sense of design and spaces.

Architects know every scale.After the major planning is done for space, interior

design also an important process of construction.


The architect has the sense of design formation, the problem-solving ability

comes with the aesthetic mind.

An architect can opt for structural engineering to ensure the safety and the stability of the structure they design.

Structure engineering is a field that deals with the understanding

of strength, and load distribution in the building. The demand for such qualification is appreciated, this also involves mathematics

and practical experiences.


The population of the urban areas grows and the demand for spaces, for people

is needed to be ensured.

Urban planning is a large scale designing, and problem-solving, creative skill.

With the days passing urban designing is the crucial element for the countries

growth, designing of land use and the built environment, including air, water,

and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, architects who love to

plan things can be an urban planner.


Many architects have creative minds, related to infographic, visual

communications, etc, can be a professional graphic designer .

A graphic designer generates the graphics for the social media, magazines or

any printed brochures.

The graphic designer is taking the marketing industries to

the next level. The course is a small additive but in today's world it

opens up a great opportunity for the architecture students.


Architects know color, combination, and aesthetics. Capturing any moment is amusing. Architecture photography is becoming admirable. There are workshops and online classes available to become a professional photographer. The architect who takes photographs either as a job or hobby can pursue photography after graduation.


Architects are educated in the field of landscape architecture, it also involves

site analysis, site planning, planting designs, stormwater management, the study

of slopes and contours, the study of land, sustainable designs, etc.

After architecture degree people who are interested in environmental restoration

and conservation can opt for a master's degree in the landscape.

It is not only a responsibility of designing outdoor landscapes but also

infrastructures, public areas, foresty, agricultural land.

It takes responsibility for globalization and climate change.


If you are interested to promote the identity of the neighborhood and the

community the conservation architects it for you.

It also involves about it cultural values and endeavors to preserve them.

Restoration and conservation play a crucial role in the field of architecture it’s a

promising career to preserve and restore the monuments by not changing the

original essence of it.


With the time advancement in technology and computer made a lot of

competition and improvement in the field of architecture.

If you are interested in software, computers, and model making B.I.M is the

best choice after an architecture degree.

BIM is a building information methodology that allows the architect to create

designs digitally available, gives all the information associated with the project.

It cut down the man manpower at extending and opens the door for complex



The fusion of art and architecture is mind shaking experience sometimes.

Many architects turn out to be an artist.

Architecture involves art, design drama fused, while the work of an artist

revolves around art, culture, sculpture, experiences more than functionality.


Recent time with the rise of the climate crisis, and environmental loss.

Many people are focusing on earth architecture, where sustainability is

an important part of the design and future needs.

The role of a sustainable architect is to minimize the negative effects on mother

nature, by intensifying the efficiency and fair use of energy, moderate use of


Sustainability plans to assure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit

the opportunities of future generations.

Architects can pursue a master degree in sustainable design or also in

environmental design can work in the leading Indian organization or NGOs


With the academic sessions architecture student expertise in good

communication, understanding people and making them understand their

perspective, and urges to influence people.

The skill can be useful to become successful politicians and serve the people of

the country.

There are famous architects like Anders adlercreutz, Richard rogers does better

serve as a politician also.


Architects building structures that make people enclosed, liberated, and


The power of leading us to space, Makes us slow down, speed up, or even stop.

A great writer does the same.

Architects can be a great writer, with good language, communication skills


Many architects are good with the framing of words, which can influence

people with writings, can create a blog, write content, books,journals.

It creates a different experience for readers.

Architects can write about buildings, history, culture

art, and the endless topic.


If you want to educate architecture and choose teaching as a profession, become

an architect and work in the field so that you have relevant experience to bring

to the table.

The teaching profession is rising in young architects today.

Few take part-time teaching or some go for a career, as this career is promising

where both teacher and students can learn and it’s asteady money help for the

architect in the initial years.


Architecture students who have a sense of color, patterns,forms designing.

Can also go for fashion designing, many of the instituteslike NIFT offers a

master's course in fashion.

It is easy for architecture students to opt for fashion design because both share

many similarities.


The field of textile design carries pattern-making, while also managing the

production process.

During architecture schools the students experience the quality of being

creative, playing with forms, geometry, organizing the mismatch.

Textile design is a innovative hroughly field that involves the process of

creating the designs that are printed on these knitted, woven or

other types of fabrics

The field of architecture and design resembles shaping buildings, its façade and

defining every space, the field of textile design carries pattern-making, while

also managing the production process.


Most people don't typically think of architecture as a radical career choice, but

some of the structures built by extreme architects couldn't be described any

other way.

Since scientists and researchers come across global warming, the change in

climatic condition, extreme weather condition.Similarly, the need for such practice is demanded today

Architects can design something to tackle the problem rising from extreme

weather conditions.


Architects can design products and make good money, the world is swapped up

with the products and product designing in itself as an industry.

It also incorporates toy designing and cosmetics, which alone can be considered

as a career option, the product designing is responsible for the user to

experience the product and make it more commercial...


Several famous architects designed furniture for their projects and that made

them full-time furniture designers.

Furniture designers are experts in designing and creating furnishings, it is more

important to maintain the standards and ergonomics and also taking into

consideration both aesthetics and function.


A set designer is someone who designs the platforms or spaces for creating sets

for films, television, and theater, etc.

Similarly, architects can create a specific emotion, mood, with the use of

perspective, lights, color details, scale, and proportion.


Video games are taking the youths to the next level.

For architects who are interested in shaping the virtual world, video game

designing is the better replacement.It allows non-restricted imagination.

Architects with a sense of game designs platforms can proceed with the career

in, it is consisted to be fun and interesting


The Business Project performance has to stand up-risen worldwide globally on a

year-to-year Basis

As An architect, you’re able to bring an extensive range of skills to a rewarding

Project management spot.

It also involves the process of negotiation, Decision-Making, communication,

and networking.

Architects have a creative problem-solving mindset when it comes to Project

management your architectural knowledge equips you with decision-making

skills, which can be a great profit to an upcoming project management career.


More architecture professionals breaking the records of animation in films,

digital animation, and design skills.

The animation is not only stuck to building 3 - D models but to the greater level.

Since architects are good with the software they are able to make digital

animation and design come true.


When you shine in every aspect of practicing as an architect, entrepreneur skills

are well developed.

Architects can be an entrepreneur they can start any business. Architects have skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and

communication... They Can come up with an idea and make it true.

Architects have every quality to be successful entrepreneur.


Philanthropy reinforces core principles and helps architects bring a humane

mindset to every architectural project.

Philanthropic events and contributions also give architects a greater range of

experiences to draw from the building they design.

When an architect supports non-profit organizations, it not only helps these

organizations reach their goals, but it also helps the

architecture to support charitable causes outside of the work of architecture.


It encourages the growth of the expertise field of space architecture, including

practice standards and other interfaces between aerospace engineering, and

architecture design disciplines.

If u wish to choose a career after graduation in space there is a separate

examination you have to qualify for and can make you a part of the Indian space

Research organization.


Architects have numerous knowledge about designing and planning.

An architect can start a consultancy, they can use their expertise in the

field of specialization.

Many architects give consultancy on environment sustainable designs as

well as modern design, deal with a logical and cost-effective way to ensure the

quality of architectural work.

This may also include internships where you get practical knowledge to

start your consultancy.

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