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BAMBOO : How & why is it saving our world?

The amazing versatility of bamboo is no secret to green revolution visionaries like architects, designers and builders. They are experimenting bamboo as a construction or building materials in different aspects. They found it easy to be moulded in different shapes and styles so that t can be used it as a building component.

Sustainable bamboo is a great material for indoors, like beds, sofas, tables and chairs. You will found sustainable bamboo beneath your feet, as floor mats and sleek bamboo floor panels, in front of your eyes, walls made up of bamboos, claddings, ceilings designs and much more. Bamboo is in the finer details of kitchens too.

You can also see them in outdoors, it can be used as a boundary fencing, chairs in yard, benches in gardens, pergolas, etc.

Building with bamboo comes with a unique set of benefits, unmatched by traditional building materials.

These are just a few of them:

1.It's sustainable in nature

Use of bamboo for residential construction is increasing day by day as rapid rise in climate change evolves from theory to scientific fact. Eco-friendly bamboo is one of the fastest-growing wild grasses on takes less time of around 3 years to grow higher, also regenerates quickly after harvesting. Some bamboo species can grow over 35 inches in a single day. Bamboo thrives on otherwise unproductive land like deep ravines and mountainsides.

2.It's environmentally friendly.

As we all know that bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable plants which is good construction material and for flooring too. Bamboo forests are very friendly to the environment as the reduce pollution by producing oxygen, more than 35 percent more than trees commonly do. These plants are having property of creating water barrier that helps to control soil erosion. Bamboo also consumes high quantities of nitrogen, which helps reduce water pollution.

3.It's recyclable.

During construction the percentage of waste is around 8000 ponds from single 200 square foot home as per study by the National Association of Home Builders. Major wastes are wood, cardboard and drywall, and almost all of it ends up in comparison to other building materials, bamboo is completely recyclable.

4.It's strong.

Do you know? Some bamboo species have the same strength ratio as steel and almost twice the compression ratio of concrete—not bad for a hollow, light-weight grass. Building with bamboo is a traditional building construction technique. Most of the countries have been using bamboo as a construction material from hundreds of years. Inspired by heightened interest in eco-friendly bamboo, trail-blazing teams of architects and builders are creating amazing bamboo structures for schools, hotels, homes and even bridges. 

5.It's earthquake- and hurricane-resistant.

Bamboo is a popular building material in areas of the world where earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons strike more frequent due to its light weight and elasticity. Bamboo having a property of absorbing the shocks of seismic activity and high winds far better than rigid concrete and steel structures.

With remarkable benefits like these five, bamboo is destined to play a major role in the green revolution as more people and businesses choose to build with this versatile, sustainable building material.

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