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Architecture Vs Civil Engineering

Architecture and Engineering are the two fields that have always worked alongside each other and even more so now with the changing times and the challenges of innovative and unconventional designs, mega structures and structural stability. While previously architects could single handed complete projects at a smaller scale, large scale projects with a massive built up area, modern design and a huge construction cost require the expertise and supervision of civil engineer in order to guarantee the safety and durability of the structural design.

With skyscrapers, civil and structural engineers have taken construction to new heights both literally and thoughtfully. Since the beginning of the 20th century buildings like the empire state in new york city all the way to the burj khalifa in dubai have become both architectural and engineering marvels.

While traditionally speaking architects received the maximum credit for the design of a construction project and rightly so, in the past 5 decades the world of construction has seen civil engineers take to the front and complete the ambitions design and bring them to reality a feat some architects couldn’t complete for some of their own design, a great example of this is the Sydney opera house, which has since become the icon for the entire country.

When it comes to specializations for architects and civil engineers there is a list of different things both the fields can achieve that have a bright career future in the field of construction and design.

Architecture specialisations

  • Interior Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Urban Planning/Design

  • Sustainable Architecture

  • Industrial Architecture

Civil Engineering specialisations

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

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