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5 Skills you need in Architectural school

WHAT ARE THE SKILLS NEEDED TO BECOME AN ARCHITECT? “Should I be good at art and drawing to be able to do architecture? Should I have good math skills and be good at physics and science or do I need to be good at computer skills and technology”, these are common question that comes into the mind of every person who wanna become an architect or before taking admission to an architectural school. Here comes the first thing that you should choose architecture if you are passionate about architecture or you need to develop it with time.

There are Some of the skills if you start practicing it now and they are gonna help build the foundation for your journey, not just in architecture school, but on your path to becoming an architect.

When you start architectural school there is gonna be so many new things that you would haven’t seen or listen before … there will be so much information thrown at you then having these basic elements in you will help you to absorb most of that information also in this era of tough competition, you will get a chance to leg up on your peers, and they might also help you avoid those all-nighters.

These are things you can practice every day until you start your school.



First here comes is communication skills, which are kind of essential to your success in architecture also in any other field. During your education, you will learn many subjects like the history of architecture, theory-building science, sustainability, urban planning, structures, and the most important, in the design subject, you take the culmination of all the things that you have learned and create your design out of it.

During this process you are going to discuss things with your peers, also present your work in stages with your teachers for which you should have good presenting skills i.e. SKETCHING, best communication skills for an architect. So that you will be able to explain your ideas and design in front of them during discussions and jury.

So first skill that you should practice daily is sketching. We use digital modelling and computer renderings, but sketching is the fastest way to present your ideas effectively. If you are not good at sketching, that’s fine, that what is practice is for. You can go from the very basics. Perfect sketching is not that much required, only the thing required is it should be able to convey your ideas to others.


In the architecture profession, the most important thing that should be inbuilt in ourselves is patience. When you will be working on any of your design projects you will gonna make concepts for which you are gonna keep thinking for hours for days, every time. Most of the in design studio you will gonna listen to very bad comments during the presentation of your ideas, teachers will tear off your sheets on which you have worked whole night, you would get no. of redoes on the same sheets for which you need PATIENCE. This is one of the skills which will develop with time.

3.Team-building skills

Architecture is one of the professions in which you will gonna work in groups most of the time. You should be a TEAM –PLAYER as you would have to work with no. of peers, colleagues those may be architects, engineers, etc. during major architectural projects during your education and afterward also. Sometimes you will gonna work on the ideas of different people so it’s important to know how to not only be part of a team but how to lead one when necessary.

4.Time management

So when you will be in your first year of architecture school, you will gonna learn many subjects in which your main focus will be on design, and everybody knows that design takes time. so what happens, you will gonna invest the whole of your time into design subject only and that leads to suffering in other core subjects of the semester. Also during your graduation time, you have a lot of opportunities that you can explore and develop we can say co-curricular, but due to lots of submissions, you can’t even if you want. So the best trick is to try to do a lot of work in the front end do not wait till a couple of weeks into the deadlines to make some big decisions in your design because you have other subjects and others like cultural and technical fests…. And also the bitter truth changes and all that is. Start learning TIME MANAGEMENT. Learn how to manage yourself.

5.Math and science skills

As we all know that architecture is the ART AND SCIENCE of designing buildings and (some) non-building structures for which we require measurements, calculations, some physics too. let say if we are designing a small project like a residential unit 1bhk for that we need some dimensions of the plot on which we are gonna plan the things then the sizes of the rooms, windows, doors, and other essential things. We also need to calculate different loads on the slab etc. so there is a need for math and science. In the end, we also d the budgeting of the project needs basic mathematics and formulas. To succeed as an architecture major, you’ll have to have strong math and science skills to understand how and why certain designs and ideas may or may not work before they’re built.

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