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GATE Architecture Examination

The demand for design and construction is directly reflected on the education system with India being one of the leading countries with the most number of students in architecture and design passing out every year. With these increasing students aspiring to pursue architecture and design, the entrance examinations for these courses are also naturally becoming more and more competitive. Examinations like GATE Architecture test students in various aspects of their intellect and knowledge. Thus, coaching and guidance for these examinations is becoming very essential, with students trying to score the maximum in order to get accepted in to the best universities and colleges.

GATE Syllabus for Architecture & Planning (AR) 2022 consists of topics from General Aptitude and Core Discipline including architecture and planning. The question paper comprises 65 questions of 100 marks. The majority of questions i.e. 55 will be from the core subject syllabus and the remaining 10 questions from General Aptitude Sections.

GATE 2022 Architecture (AR) was conducted in online mode on February 06 in the Afternoon session (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM).

GATE 2022 Syllabus for Architecture & Planning

The following are the sections from which the questions will be asked in GATE 2023 examination for Architecture & Planning.

  • Architecture, Planning and Design

  • Construction and Management

  • Building and Structures

  • Environmental Planning and Design

  • Urban Design, Landscape and Conservation

  • Urban Planning and Housing

  • Planning Techniques and Management

  • Services, Infrastructure and Transportation

GATE Exam Pattern for Architecture & Planning (AR)

GATE Exam Pattern for Architecture & Planning (AR) has been revised this year. According to the revised exam pattern, there will be three sections of the paper-

  • GA (General Aptitude),

  • Part A- mandatory section for all candidates

  • Part B is further divided into Section B1 (Architecture) and B2 (Planning). Students need to choose one of the sections during the exam.

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