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Opportunities after B. Planning

Bachelor of planning is the academic degree for undergraduate courses that train students in various fields related to urban human settlements such as designing, engineering, managing and overcoming challenges. The degree primarily focuses on environmental issues and its objective is sustainable development and managing natural resources. Bachelor of planning course is an undergraduate Architecture and Planning Degree course in India for four years. This programme is specifically designed to know the importance of environmental management and sustainable development. Bachelor of planning is a subsidiary of engineering, however, it is induced with the environmental management, human resource preservation and development.

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Planning jobs is available in a variety of sectors in public and private sector organizations. The B.Planning salary in India that an individual receives depends upon the area of specialization, experience, skills acquired, and core knowledge of the subject matter. B.Planning course aims to introduce students to an in-depth study of the course. Listed below are some of the popular B.Planning jobs in India:

  • Regional Planner

  • Urban Planner

  • Interior Designer

  • Design Architect

  • Technical Architect

  • Project Planner

Students will get various employment opportunities in different domains that candidates can apply for right after graduation. Listed below are the career opportunities available for graduates:

Urban Planner: In this career, professionals need to develop plans and programs for land, to create communities, accommodation, growth physical facilities in towns, cities, etc.

Regional Planner: In this career, professionals need to develop the lands using plans and programs that assist in creating communities for population growth.

Project Planner: In this career, professionals need to work with the directors to oversee and direct a project's progression, ensuring that projects are completed within a determined time frame, within constraints of budget, and with sufficient staffing.


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