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Online Course for JEE Paper 3

Each year a large number of students in our country aspire for a degree of higher education and a career in the fields of Engineering, Design and Planning. As with every passing year the number of students applying for these courses increases, the level of these entrance exams also increases significantly, becoming more and more competitive, pushing the boundaries for both the students as well as the institutes.

Understanding the JEE Papers

JEE Papers have been the standard for majority of the entrance exams for a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of engineering, design and technology since 2002, helping students get into some of the top tier nationally recognized institutes such a NITs (National Institutes of Technology), NIDs (National Institutes of Design), IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), etc. These JEE Papers, for better function and student understanding are segregated into 3 different paths. JEE Mains Paper 1, JEE Paper 2 and JEE Paper 3. JEE Mains Paper 1 is for students who want to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, JEE Paper 2 for Students applying for a Bachelor’s in the fields of Architecture and Design and JEE Paper 3 for students who aspire to have a degree in Bachelors of Planning.

JEE Paper 3 (B. Planning)

Until the year 2019 Students aspiring for majors in Architecture Design as well as planning would both appear for the same exam, JEE Paper 2 or JEE Arch. However since 2020 NTA (National Testing Agency) made some changes and introduced a separate exam paper for Bachelors in Planning which was JEE Paper 3, there by segregating the two fields students have to give separate papers depending on their field of interest instead of having the same exam for both B. Arch and B. Planning.

The Rise of Online Coaching

With the increasing competition, it is necessary that students prepare for these examinations to the best of their ability with the utmost help they can get. Hence a number of coaching academies have come up specializing in the different JEE Papers and providing the students all the guidance and support required to crack the exams and help them get into their dream colleges. In the last two years as the world was hit by the covid pandemic, the entire education world and the examination system went through a major change and naturally so did the coaching academies. Today online learning has become a necessity, working as a great solution for both the students as well as the teachers. Due to online classes it has also become much easier for academies to get the best of the best professionals and professors to train and teach students online which earlier wouldn’t have been possible due to their schedules and in person unavailability.

Two such major Coaching academies that provide a great Online Course for JEE Main Paper 3 are Architecture and Design Academy and Unacademy for IIT JEE.

These academies provide the best of the best coaches as teachers which include accomplished academies from top institutes as well as professionals with working experience from the fields.

These online classes are created such as to give the students a personalized learning experience with better interaction between teachers and students so as not to pose that as a drawback for online learning. They give an Exquisite designed course curriculum covering all the subjects required for the exams.

Students are provided with all the necessary material required to study including the books, online pdfs, research papers and other articles written and created specifically by the faculty. For Better performance in exams and to make students accustomed to time problem solving, students are given many mock tests along with class tests in each session based on the exam pattern, including practice exams for self-analysis and evaluation.

These online courses have proved to be an integral part of student performance in the last two years and have provided students with all the things required to ace the exams. In the coming years these courses are only going to become more and more common as students take their guidance to reach new heights.

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